Joe Steinitz

IMG_2463Joe served overseas for 1 ½ years as a field worker sent by his church in Maryland, focusing primarily on a disenfranchised people group in a large city in southeast Asia.  He also worked in mentoring leaders working among that group. He and his wife Michele helped establish a children’s home for fatherless Christian children from impoverished villages.  Some of the graduates of that children’s home discipling program are now involved in ministry.

After returning to the States, Joe became missions director at his fellowship for eight years.   He helped strengthen their involvement with the unreached people group they had adopted and to which he ministered.  He also helped them through the process of adopting a second unreached people group in Central Asia.  In 2001 Joe started a ministry called GraceXtensions.  Often, when churches focus their missions resources, prayers and people on serving a particular unreached people group, incredible power is unleashed.  These “unreached people group adoptions” are becoming more common but many churches need a little coaching as they walk through the process.  GraceXtensions provides that.  Joe also helps churches discover, develop and improve their cross-cultural missions program.

He and his ministry partner Dave Shive are targeting the churches in the 13 northeastern states of the US, Virginia through Maine and their passion is to see congregations mobilized with a vision to harness all of their resources in the pursuit of God’s mission.  They often do public speaking and have hosted a number of missions gatherings and conferences.  He is married to Michele and they have six school-aged children. For obvious reasons, Joe has no hobbies.

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