What is UnMissions?

City SceneWe see things.

There are things happening in the world and specifically the missions world that both concern and delight us. Our guess is you are seeing some of the same things and lots of things we didn’t notice.

Where to go with what we see?

We are want to have a place where we can talk about these things… have discussions with one another on the virtual back patio or next to the virtual roaring fire in the fireplace or with an ale at the virtual British pub. This discussion may happen on twitter or facebook or by replying to blogs here or even the occasional ooVoo meeting. What will this discussion look like? Sharing what we’ve seen and heard, ideas, prayers, even occasional arguments (hopefully very occasional).

Why the “Un”?

We are calling the new website unmissions.net. By adding the un prefix, we aren’t trying to undo missions. We are just trying to get folks to think about it differently… how we mobilize people, deploy people, engage unreached people, pray. We want to think differently about missions and are convinced that there are a few people in our age group and a lot of people in their twenties and thirties that want to think differently about missions too.

The pronoun “we” has been used way too much here. So who is “we”? We is Dave Shive and Joe Steinitz.  We hope you’ll come hang out with us.

Dave Shive is on staff with the US Center for World Missions. |  Meet Dave

Joe Steinitz is on staff at his local church and also works with GraceXtensions. |  Meet Joe