Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
I have been around missions a long time and sometimes I forget that there are people who have not heard of this class. It completely ruined my life and I am hoping it ruins yours as well. Go to and see if there are classes coming up in your area. It is around a 15 week class (usually one night a week, though you can take it online and there are even some intensives coming up where you knock it all out in one week). The 15 week version of classes usually begin in late August/early September or early January. Click here and then click on the “classes” button to see if anything is coming up in your area.

August 2-3 – Getting Started in ESL Ministry – Gaithersburg, MD
This training will help you start and maintain a fruitful ESL ministry as well as how to teach ESL to adult internationals. This covers everything from how to place students in the proper fluency level classroom, to lesson plans, to curriculum, to building relationships and sharing the gospel inside and outside the ESL Classroom. Click here for more info.

August 9-10 – Getting Started in ESL Ministry – Salisbury, MD
Click same link as listing immediately above.

August 10, 8:30-2:30 – Reaching Your Hindu Neighbors” Training Event – King of Prussia, PA
The Hindus who live next door, study with our children, and work beside us come from some of the world’s largest unreached people groups. We have opportunities no missionary will ever have to share our faith with them. But most of us have no idea how to begin. Come and get equipped with simple (and fun!) ways to begin developing comfortable relationships with Hindus where sharing our faith comes naturally. Pastors and church leaders are invited to a special Friday session (9:30 – 1:00) that will resource you to help your church being building bridges to the Hindus around you. Sponsored by the Philadelphia Regional Diaspora Network and hosted by Hope Community Church in King of Prussia, PA. Cost is $25. Details here. Click here to download the flier. Bring others from your church to take advantage of the group rate.

August 16-17 – Muslim Outreach Training Conference – Vienna, VA (near DC)
This training event looks pretty exciting. The topics include: Islam: the challenge to Church and Society, Answering Muslims Questions about your Faith, Prayers, Spiritual Warfare and Evangelism. The two speakers seem quite qualified and I have heard good things about one of the speakers. Not familiar with the other presenter, but his bio looks good. For more info go to their website. Cost is $60, starts Friday evening at 6:00 and is held at McLean Bible Church – Smith Center.

September 6-7 – Al Massira Training – Woodbridge, VA
First Baptist Woodbridge is hosting a training on reaching out to Muslims.  I have not heard of this training before so I can’t personally recommend it though the description looks interesting.  To learn more about the organization behind it, click here. To find out more about costs and a better explanation of what it is, Click here. To register for this event, click here. Email Lauren Craft or Brett Henson with additional questions.

September 6-7 – Starting an English as a Second Language Ministry at Your Church – Marriottsville, MD (Near Baltimore and DC)
This is a great two day workshop where all are invited to learn everything from how to start and maintain an ESL Ministry at your church to how to place adult learners in the appropriate class to how to share the gospel in and outside the classroom. Click here for more information.

September 8-November 24 – Encountering the World of Islam – Wayne, PA (near Philadelphia)
Encountering the World of Islam (EWI) exists to mobilize and equip churches, ministries, and individuals to advance Christ’s kingdom among Muslims.  EWI gives many participants their first positive experiences understanding, praying for, befriending and sharing Christ with Muslims. Class will be held at Church of the Saviour on Sunday evenings 5:30 – 8:30 pm starting on September 8 for twelve weeks. Cost is $225 and includes a text book, homework, and a visit to a Mosque. There is a $25 discount if you apply before July 15. Click here to learn more and to register.

September 12-13 – Support Raising Solutions Bootcamp – Pittsburgh, PA
Are you struggling to raise support? Support-Raising Solutions is here to help! Register today for an upcoming SRS Bootcamp: designed to encourage you spiritually, give you tools to become vision-driven and train you to be a fully funded Great Commission. Click here for more info.

September 13-15 – Global Missions Emphasis Weekend – Liberty Corner, NJ
Liberty Corner Mission USA invites you to CROSSroads 2019, a Global Missions Emphasis Weekend.  Liberty Corner Mission USA is the foreign mission arm of Fellowship Deaconry Ministries which will be hosting this event at 3575 Valley Road, Liberty Corner, NJ.  Boto Joseph of Global Outreach in Brooklyn is this year’s Keynote Speaker. For general information regarding CROSSroads 2019, or for meal and overnight registration, please call 908-991-3243 or click here.

September 20-21 – Starting an English as a Second Language Ministry at Your Church – Lancaster, PA
Click on the September 6-7 link above.

October 1 –  W. Don McClure Lecture in World Mission and Evangelism – Pittsburgh, PA
World Mission Initiative(WMI) at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary will be hosting Rev. Dr. Al Tizon, Executive Minister, Serve Globally, and Affiliate Associate Professor of Missional and Global Leadership, North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago, for the W. Don McClure Lecture in World Mission and Evangelism. The title of his lecture is “Lifestyles of the Rich and Faithful: Confronting Classism in Mission.” Dr. Tizon in his new book Whole & Reconciled: Gospel, Church, and Mission in a Fractured World argue that the church needs to develop competencies in reconciliation in order to be effective and relevant in a globalized world. Beside this lecture, there will be other opportunities to hear Dr. Tizon at two Pastors’ retreats. For more information click on this link.

October 7-11 – Outreach to South Asians – New York City
Global Gates has put together a pretty interesting week where you will be trained on how to listen to people’s stories and sharing your own story with people hungry to know more about Jesus. Individuals as well as teams are encouraged to apply. Check out their website to learn more.

October 19 – Outreach to those from the Middle East – NY/NJ area
Global Gates has put together a pretty interesting experience where you will be trained on how to listen to people’s stories and sharing your own story with people hungry to know more about Jesus. Individuals as well as teams are encouraged to apply. Check out their website to learn more. Also happening on:
November 2 – Outreach to those from the Middle East – NY/MJ area

October 23-25 – Refugee Highway Partnership Roundtable North America – Toronto, ON
The Refugee Highway is the journey that displaced people make, forced to leave home and hoping to find a new home.  The Refugee Highway Partnership is a network of Christians, churches and organizations who have found common cause in the call of Jesus to “welcome the stranger” and extend hospitality to those in need. Click here for more details. Register here.

November 23 – Heart for Muslims Conference – NYC area
This is just a save the date notice. Nik Ripken (author of The Insanity of God) will be the speaker.

January 24, 7:00 – Global Missions and Artistic Expression – Lancaster, PA
This event is the collaborative effort of several local organizations and churches, focused on encouraging creative and artistic expression as a means to debrief short-term mission experiences.
Each of these different organizations and partnering churches have asked one or two people who participated in a cross-cultural trip or internship this summer to creatively document and/ or reflect on their experiences. Some participants chose to take photographs or to film during their journey, while others kept a journal or wrote stories, poetry, or music during their time overseas. Whatever medium, the idea was simply to emphasize the artistic side to short-term missions and, afterward, to dedicate a time and place to gather and hear stories about what God has done around the world this year.
You’re more than welcome to attend and simply listen and learn or come prepared to participate and share your stories! Participants should plan to limit their time to five minutes. If you plan to participate or if you have any questions, please contact
Leslie Lesher  or Jordan Kauffman

Do you know about upcoming missions events? I may not know about them.
So please take a moment to email me about them so I can promote them. These events should take place in the mid-Atlantic or northeast. Also, email me if you know of someone who should be getting these events updates (and have gotten their permission). Thanks.