February 20, 2:00-3:15 – Frontier People Groups – Webinar
We have made tremendous progress in the 40 years since Dr Ralph Winter clarified that there were many thousands of “hidden” people groups with no churches, believers, or mission workers. Less than 7000 people groups are still “unreached” and many of these remaining UPGs have indigenous movements to Christ underway. But in some UPGs no progress is being made! Almost 25% of the world’s population live in just 400 largest “frontier” people groups—“frontier” because there are still no known movements to Christ among them so pioneering cross-cultural outreach is required. If indigenous movements to Christ are started in these 400 Frontier People Groups, 95% of the remaining frontier mission task will be done! Where are these groups, why have they not responded, and what will it take to reach them?
Webinar is free for members of Missio Nexus, $25 for non-members. Click here for more info and to register

February 22, 8:30-12:30 – International Students Inc. Training – Fairfax, VA
Have you met a Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist neighbor or co-worker? Maybe you’ve thought about how to engage them in conversation, learn more about their culture, and share your life with them? International Students, Inc.’s training offers strategic ideas and practical resources for those who seek to bless, serve, and engage the international community in Northern Virginia. The workshops offered are:
1. Understanding How to Reach Our Hindu Friends
2. Ministry among Muslims
3. Anatomy of International Student Ministry engaging with the Gospel
4. Praying for the Unreached – An amazing prayer app has been developed for the smart phone. An amazing tool for prayer walking and praying for Unreached People Groups.
I have seen the list of speakers they have lined up and this is something not to be missed.
Click here for flyer. Click here to register.

March 4-5 –  Support Raising Bootcamp – Charlotte, NC
Support Raising Solutions offers this fund raising bootcamp throughout the country and I have talked to folks who have greatly benefitted from it. Definitely worth the look if you are in a place where you have to raise support or are considering taking on a position which requires support raising.  Click on their website; Support Raising Bootcamp to learn more.

March 7, 9:00-3:00 – Souls Conference – Annapolis, MD
Last year they had about 200 people attend this conference from about 8 different churches. This year, keynote speaker Todd Ahrend returns as they gather around the rallying cry of sent ones: We Go! They actually have a middle and high school track in addition to adult offerings, so think about this for those who may be interested in a short-term preparation idea. This event will be held at Bay Area Community Church. For more information click here. And you can click here to register.

March 28, 9:00-4:00 – The Past and Future of Evangelical Missions – New York City
This is the annual meeting of the Northeast Regional Evangelical Missiological Society. The are sending out a call for papers and are hoping all are submitted by February 15. Gina Zurlo is the plenary speaker. I love the topics they are considering. Check out their flyer for more information.

May 18-August 14 – InTents 2020 Disciplemaking Apprenticeship – Lancaster, PA Churches and ministries with Great Commisssion vision! Check out this 12-week apprenticeship for preparing the next generation of field workers. This is a great next step after Perspectives, short-term missions trip or those active in disciple-making on campus or through your church. Available for those 18 and older, and living up to 2 hours from Lancaster, PA.  Join seasoned field workers this summer as we spend the summer living in tents on the edge of Lancaster city as a community working, serving and living life together.  This new program focuses on: spiritual growth and formation, vocational development through small-scale agriculture, working on a team, and being part of a disciple making movement.  Click here to learn more or click here to email your questions.

June 7-13 – Perspectives Intensive – Schooleys Mountain, NJ
Have you ever wanted to take the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class but just couldn’t add another evening commitment for 15 weeks? How about taking it all in one week. Many pastors have chosen to take the class this way. Check out this link to learn more.

June 17-20 – Stay at Home Mission Trip – Northern VA (near DC)
For three and a half days you will meet for prayer, worship and training and then go out in small groups to engage with unreached people groups in the area. The folks you meet who express interest you can invite to start a bible study. You’ll also visit other places of worship and eat at ethnic restaurants. For costs and other information, click here. To register, click here.

June 24-27 – Stay at Home Mission Trip – Frederick County, MD (near DC)
See description above for details.

June 24-27 – Stay at Home Mission Trip – Montgomery County, MD (near DC)
See description above for details.

June 24-26 – National African-American Missions Conference – Vienna, VA (near DC)
These folks really know how to put on a conference. They always have a great lineup of speakers and are beginning to see a real movement. McLean Bible Church is hosting and it is a great venue. Check out the website as the date approaches. They will update it with new information.

Do you know about upcoming missions events? I may not know about them.
So please take a moment to email me about them so I can promote them. These events should take place in the mid-Atlantic or northeast. Also, email me if you know of someone who should be getting these events updates (and have gotten their permission). Thanks.