July 1, 12:00-1:30 – Race Relations and its Impact on the Great Commission  – Online
The National African-American Missions Conference people have put together a wonderful event that they are calling “The Table of Brotherhood.” The purpose of the time is to understand the drivers of racism within the church and to introduce models/solutions to overcome them in order to advance the Great Commission. Event will be moderated by Jeffrey Wright, CEO of Urban Ministries, Inc. Panelists are
Greg Thompson, Executive Director of Voices of the Underground
Lydia Mims, Human Resources Director, SIM
Greg Duhart, Diversity & Inclusion Coach
Mona Hennein, CEO, Life Focus Productions
Dr. Joel Freeman, Author, A White Man’s Journey into Black History
Dr. Walter Milton, Jr. , Co-Author of Black History 365 Curriculum
Click here to register.

July 9-11 – National African-American Missions Conference – Online
Check out the website as the date approaches. These folks always put on an awesome conference so I was disappointed when it had to go online. Am sure it will be a profitable time, though. I am planning on going even though my skin shade is slightly different than the target audience… OK, I’m so white my eyebrows are even white. But still, I think it is important to be a part and learn from an event like this. I have attended a number of these in the past and I always leave encouraged and challenged.

July 15-18 – Stay at Home Mission Trip – Montgomery County, MD (near DC)
For three and a half days you will meet for prayer, worship and training and then go out in small groups to engage with unreached people groups in the area. The folks you meet who express interest you can invite to start a bible study. You’ll also visit other places of worship and eat at ethnic restaurants. For costs and other information, click here. To register, click here. Note: date has changed for this event since my last posting.

July 22-25 – Stay at Home Mission Trip – Northern VA (near DC)
See description for July 15-18 event for details.

July 18-24 – New Wilmington Mission Conference – Online
The New Wilmington Mission Conference is now online. In its 115th year, NWMC is the oldest mission conference in the country. For more information or to register, visit their website or email the conference office. I think they are still figuring things out as to how they are going to do this, so periodically check their website.

August 15-16 – Smoketown Mission Aviation Fair – Smoketown Airport, PA
This event, which was originally supposed to be held at Smoketown Airport has gone online, though will still be on these dates. I think they are planning on doing their next event on May 1-2, 2021 which will be onsite. I checked out their website and they hadn’t updated it yet, but perhaps as the date gets closer they will.

Do you know about upcoming missions events? I may not know about them.
So please take a moment to email me about them so I can promote them. These events should take place in the mid-Atlantic or northeast. Also, email me if you know of someone who should be getting these events updates (and have gotten their permission). Thanks.