Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
This is the time of year when the Perspectives coordinating teams are putting their finishing touches on their plans for winter classes. Though I don’t have data to back this up, I think that most Perspectives classes begin in January. The problem with classes starting in January is that the previous month is December… not a month typically associated with praying about taking an intense class. This means that those of us who have taken the class need to make a little extra effort to invite folks to consider taking the class. A good place to send folks to is the Perspectives website. Those of you who have taken the class know that the class is a life changer. I recently read this quote posted by Sundee Simmons: “The best strategy to reach the unreached peoples with the gospel of Jesus Christ is to reach the reached peoples with the gospel of frontier missions. That action is called mobilization.” – Reuben Shadrach Kachala.  I know of no better tool than the Perspectives class to “reach the reached peoples with the gospel of frontier missions.”

December 27-31 – Chinese Missions Convention – Baltimore, MD
This event takes place every three years. It will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center which is near the Inner Harbor.  This is a life-impacting conference that inspires and teaches us how to be more involved with God’s global mission. Check out their website. This event offers over 100 excellent
speakers like David Platt, Michael Oh, and Wayne Chen, with 100+ workshops and specific tracks for many groups (English adults,
Mandarin adults, Teens, Children).  They expect to have around 20,000
attendees. By the way, if you are part of an organization that might be interested in exhibiting, check out the exhibitor info.

January 10-11 – Help! We are Going on a Short-term Trip – York, PA
Designed to train leaders to train teams, the seminars are highly relational, informative, and interactive. CULTURELink’s hands-on training allows team leaders the opportunity to experience being part of a team themselves prior to assuming their leadership roles. One of the best short-term trip preparation class I am aware of. A great event to send short-term trip leaders and others to. Register at this website. Another other questions email Don Delp directly.

January 24, 7:00 – Global Missions and Artistic Expression – Lancaster, PA
This event is the collaborative effort of several local organizations and churches, focused on encouraging creative and artistic expression as a means to debrief short-term mission experiences.
Each of these different organizations and partnering churches have asked one or two people who participated in a cross-cultural trip or internship this summer to creatively document and/ or reflect on their experiences. Some participants chose to take photographs or to film during their journey, while others kept a journal or wrote stories, poetry, or music during their time overseas. Whatever medium, the idea was simply to emphasize the artistic side to short-term missions and, afterward, to dedicate a time and place to gather and hear stories about what God has done around the world this year.
You’re more than welcome to attend and simply listen and learn or come prepared to participate and share your stories! Participants should plan to limit their time to five minutes. If you plan to participate or if you have any questions, please contact
Leslie Lesher  or Jordan Kauffman

March 4-5 –  Support Raising Bootcamp – Charlotte, NC
Support Raising Solutions offers this fund raising bootcamp throughout the country and I have talked to folks who have greatly benefitted from it. Definitely worth the look if you are in a place where you have to raise support or are considering taking on a position which requires support raising.  Click on their website; Support Raising Bootcamp to learn more.

Do you know about upcoming missions events? I may not know about them.
So please take a moment to email me about them so I can promote them. These events should take place in the mid-Atlantic or northeast. Also, email me if you know of someone who should be getting these events updates (and have gotten their permission). Thanks.