May 30 – June 2 – ACMI Conference – Online
Like so many other organizations the Association of Christians Ministering Among Internationals have had to take their conference online. I looked at the lineup of speakers. It looks impressive and, by doing it online you are saving yourself a trip to Dallas (where the conference was supposed to be taking place). Check it out at this link.

June 2-August 25 (Tuesday evenings, 7-9 pm) – Perspectives on the World Christian Movement – Online
So your summer plans may have changed. Why not use this opportunity to take the Perspectives class that you have heard so much about? And, you can do it online but there will still be real teachers teaching in real time while you are attending the class, so you can interact and it will feel almost like you are in class. Go to the class website to learn more.

June 16-18 – Sahara Challenge – Online 
Another great conference that you would have had to fly to is now online. Check out the Sahara Challenge and their great offerings on reaching out to Muslim neighbors and friends. More info here. register before June 12 to get the lower price.

July 9-11 – National African-American Missions Conference – Online
Check out the website as the date approaches. I believe registration is to begin June 8. I don’t know many details. These folks always put on an awesome conference so I was disappointed when it had to go online. Am sure it will be a profitable time, though. Note: date has changed for this event since my last posting.

July 15-18 – Stay at Home Mission Trip – Montgomery County, MD (near DC)
For three and a half days you will meet for prayer, worship and training and then go out in small groups to engage with unreached people groups in the area. The folks you meet who express interest you can invite to start a bible study. You’ll also visit other places of worship and eat at ethnic restaurants. For costs and other information, click here. To register, click here. Note: date has changed for this event since my last posting.

July 22-25 – Stay at Home Mission Trip – Northern VA (near DC)
See description for June 15-18 event for details. Note: date has changed for this event since my last posting.

July 18-24 – New Wilmington Mission Conference – Online
The New Wilmington Mission Conference is now online. In its 115th year, NWMC is the oldest mission conference in the country. For more information or to register, visit their website or email the conference office. I think they are still figuring things out as to how they are going to do this, so periodically check their website.

August 15-16 – Smoketown Mission Aviation Fair – Smoketown Airport, PA
This event looks like a lot of fun. Their tag line is promoting the spread of the Gospel through aviation and technology. Seems like there are things for the whole family to do here, all while learning about aviation and missions. They even have helicopter rides. Check out their website.

Do you know about upcoming missions events? I may not know about them.
So please take a moment to email me about them so I can promote them. These events should take place in the mid-Atlantic or northeast. Also, email me if you know of someone who should be getting these events updates (and have gotten their permission). Thanks.