Dangerous Missions Shortcuts

I love to highlight agencies and ministries that offer especially helpful tools for churches that are seeking to mobilize their members. Ellen Livingood’s “Catalyst Services” deserves such recognition.

The most recent “posting” (the website is www.catalystservices.org) is a perfect illustration of the value that Ellen’s work brings to the table. Titled “Dangerous Missions Shortcuts,” this posting gives a helpful list of seven “hazardous temptations,” (i.e., shortcuts) that churches and church missions committees should avoid if a healthy, robust, dynamic, forward-looking missions effort is to be in place.

The entire post can be found at –

Here are the seven shortcuts to be avoided:
1. Mobilizing without discipling
2. Making missions giving easy
3. Avoiding saying “no” or “no longer”
4. Allowing personal relationships to override strategic decision-making
5. Limiting missions to “the ends of the earth”
6. Separating “serving” from “saving”
7. Outsourcing global missions responsibility.

These are each great topics and worthy of consideration.

In addition, under each of the seven, Ellen lists four topics related to the shortcut. These are:
a. the worthy goal – Why do we take shortcuts? There is usually an admirable objective behind the shortcut.
b. the dangerous shortcut – What exactly is the shortcut and why is it dangerous?
c. where the shortcut has taken us – Here Ellen gives us a succinct summary of what to expect if the shortcut is not avoided.
d. getting back on the road – Helpful suggestions are given to practically guide a church back to where it needs to be.

I can’t recommend highly enough Ellen’s work, her website, and in particular, this posting.