Sept. 23 – A “holiday” to be celebrated each year

In times of hopelessness and despair, what can one person do? Sept. 23 each year is a date that reminds us of the launching of a movement by just one man, a movement that transformed the moral, spiritual, financial, and political landscape, causing repercussions worldwide.

Follow this link to a story that is riveting, encouraging, and challenging:

Also, check out this parallel story:

“Oh God, raise up movements of prayer. Use me as your ‘one person’ to launch a new movement!”

Dave Shive

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  1. DEar Dave,

    Thanks for your article on revival. Yes, I’ve been praying for revival in the US, but few friends seem interested in that. Did you know that Lon Solomon organized a prayer gathering in Oct. of Christians from various denominations and ethnic groups? We met at the Lincoln Memorial, and the prayer meeting was very well organized.

    I was teaching English in China for many years, but last year the govt. wouldn’t renew my work visa because of their age limits. So now I’m back in the US and on staff of China Outreach Ministries to reach Chinese students and scholars at the U. of MD., College Park. I’d love to tell you and Kathy about it.

    May I have your email and phone number?

    Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

    Iris Maurer

    PS. My email for US use is Sunshine , but this site called it invalid, so I had to put in my China email, which is not secure. Please reply to my US email here.

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