“Christopher Wright, Recipient of the Mantle of John Stott” – Part II

This is Part II of a series of blogs concerning the prolific author, Old Testament scholar, and unabashed missiologist, Christopher J. J. Wright. All enterprising missiologists would do well to become acquainted with this significant man.

Wright is a prolific author, and his writings carry the marks of scholarship, missiology, and passion for God and for God’s people. He is an ordained Anglican Church of England clergyman. Though my main objective is to highlight his writings, a little background to this man is important.

Wright spent five years teaching the Old Testament in India, and thirteen years as Academic Dean and then Principal of All Nations Christian College, in England. Since 2001, Christopher Wright has served as the International Ministries Director of the Langham Partnership. “Langham Partnership” may sound like an arcane title for an obscure ministry, but it’s roots are quite profound. To appreciate Wright, a little background to his current ministry is vital.

If I were to mention the name “John Stott,” we might feel on more familiar ground. Stott’s writings and ministry have profoundly marked the evangelical landscape for over 50 years.

For over six decades, Stott was rector of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. Religion scholar, Michael Cromartie, once remarked that if evangelicals could elect a pope, they would likely choose John Stott who, as an author, preacher and theologian, was often compared to the Rev. Billy Graham. Stott died in July of 2011 at the age of 90. He once wrote: “We must be global Christians with a global mission, because our God is a global God.”

Because of the popularity of his writings and public ministry, Stott launched the original trust fund (“Langham Partnership”) in 1969 to foster the growth of the global church in maturity and Christ-likeness by raising the standards of biblical preaching and teaching through equipping Majority World Christian pastors, scholars, writers, publishers, and other key leaders.

Wright’s s job as International Director is to represent and promote the vision and work of the Langham Partnership around the world. He does this through his international travel, speaking, and writing ministry.

The philosophy of this ministry is simply called “the Langham Logic.” It has three pillars:
1. God wants his church to grow up to maturity.
2. The people of God grow through the Word of God.
3. The Word of God comes to people mainly (not exclusively) through biblical preaching.

In coming blogs, I intend to expose readers to the world of Christopher Wright through greater awareness of his writings. Hopefully this little background fills in the missing pieces about this man to give greater appreciation for his contributions to world of missions.

Dave Shive