Missions in Deuteronomy?

A few years ago, I stumbled across a notice that there would be a seminar offered at the Overseas Ministries Study Center in New Haven, Connecticut. The topic was “Missions in Deuteronomy” and it was being taught by a guy named Christopher Wright. Actually, his name is “Christopher H. J. Wright.”

Which raises an interesting question – what us it with the Brits and their cool names with multiple initials? C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, N.T. Wright, Christopher H.J. Wright.

Anyway, the seminar invitation caught me off-guard and intrigued me. The title of the seminar, for starters, piqued my curiosity. “Missions in Deuteronomy.” Yes, now you’ve got my attention.

Then there was the author. It had not been that long ago that I had purchased a copy of Wright’s magisterial “The Mission of God” and set out to devour it. (I use the term “magisterial” in the best sense of the word – i.e., authoritative, weighty, of consequence.) I had come to love and admire his writing style, insights, passion for the OT, and scholarship. Wright has a PhD. from Cambridge University and has written extensively on the Old Testament and missions. And the comprehensive nature of “MofG” had me hooked.

So off to Connecticut I went for a few days of idyllic study. I had never met Wright before and couldn’t wait to sit under his tutelage.

Let me explain this blog and the ones to follow. My passion is for budding missiologists and followers of Jesus to go deeper in the Scriptures so that our missiology is grounded in the Bible. Thus my blogs tend to drill down in areas of missions that I think are important and tend to be neglected. Because of this passion, I want those who follow this blog – are there three of you? – to become familiar with Christopher Wright and his contributions to the study of missions in the Bible, especially the OT.

My experience at the seminar in New Haven was precisely what I would have expected from my readings of Wright’s books. It was scholarly and insightful. In addition, Wright was an effective communicator. Most of all, I left New Haven with a desire to master the theme of missions as found in the book of Deuteronomy.

Because he is so influential and has so much to offer, I want to introduce readers of this blog to Christopher H.J. Wright. If you want to increase your passion for God’s heart through mastering the text of the Bible, Wright has a lot to offer you.

…To be continued…

– Dave Shive