If I Was Just Hired to Be a Missions Director at a Church…

Missions Leadership in churches often changes, whether it’s the missions pastor or the group of faithful volunteers that keep it going, change is inevitable.  So I got to thinking, what are the best resources for getting replacements started in this new role?

My guess is, those of you who have been around awhile can guess my first recommendation; the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course.  Now I realize that the course is not offered everywhere at all times, but if there is anyway you could take this class, you have to do it.  There is a lot of reading but it is worth every moment you spend on it.

What about books?  Usually folks don’t have a ton of time to read a lot of books, so I’ll keep the list short.  I’m a big fan of  When Helping Hurts and it talks about a whole lot more than avoiding the pitfalls of dependency.  Loving the Church, Blessing the Nations is a great missions book but from the perspective of the local church.  Of course, The Global Missions Handbook is a one-stop shop for folks who are going overseas and what the steps are, so a missions director needs to know this information.  Piper’s Let The Nations Be Glad has been a classic for a long time, though I do like a little ditty that is a bit on the simpler side called 2020 Vision though I have never heard anyone else recommend it besides me (which probably tells you something about me).

What about news?  There are lots of resources out there.  Brigada is something you must subscribe to.  About every week you get an update of coming events, new things happening in missions, and lots of other helpful information.   I also subscribe to Evangelical Missions Quarterly which will really keep you informed as to the latest in thinking in missions.

What about organizations to join?  I would definitely hook up with MissioNexus.  They serve both churches as well as mission agencies as well.  They also do occasional conferences that are worth attending.

How about web-sites?  I hesitate to start writing here as this is a daunting list.  I will just say go to Links to Cool Places button at UnMissions.net and hang out there for a bit.  Its a dizzying list of different websites.  I do like the LearnCareGo site as a first stop though it can be dizzying as well.  Go to a coffee shop, bring your internet device of choice and just cruise around it for awhile, bookmarking the places that you want to explore further. Also, spend a bit of time at Catalyst Services.  They have some great articles.

Speaking of coffee, I would then Contact Dave and / or Contact Joe  and grab a cup of coffee.  That may be of dubious benefit, but we do offer comic relief.  Seriously, we will pray for you and are happy to do a free consult of what you presently have in place and talk about possibilities for what might be next.

Is there any resource out there that you feel would qualify for “The five things a missions director shouldn’t leave behind if going to a desert island?  Let us know.

5 Replies to “If I Was Just Hired to Be a Missions Director at a Church…”

  1. We had a missionary speak at Bishop Cummins this past Sunday. He and his wife are headed to the Phillipeens. She will be a mid-wife, and he will be teaching in the missionary school where the children go. And they hope to be there at least three years.

    Missions is an encouraging thing when done with wisdom and in the power of Christ’s love and Spirit.
    And the more wisdom a director can obtain the better. And so his gift of directing will produce fruit for our Savior’s kingdom.

    I guess I’m not exactly commenting on subject, but I did want to comment.

  2. Your comments are entirely appropriate. Lots of folks define missions as doing something good somewhere other than where you are right now. SO, we do need His wisdom so we go where He wants us and do what He wants us to do.

  3. I have just excepted the role of outreach(mission) director for our church of 200. We sadly had never had this role before. I went through Perspectives, which was well worth it and encouraged many to take it themselves. How do I help this church develop and wholistic understanding of the mission of God? My wife and I have been praying for some ways in which we can reveal the heart of God to the people in this church. I know it is a loaded ?, but I thought I would ask anyways! Any thought? Thanks Justin

    The 1st and I feel obvious thing one would not want to leave behind is the Bible! but that is just one.

  4. Dave, I feel like this article needs a follow-up article. Something like: “What should the mission leader do?” I think it would be very helpful to receive advice on how a new mission pastor could\should change the church he serves in into a mission minded church that is advancing the gospel locally and internationally. What job assignments would you recommend a mission leader taking on?


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