Why start a new website?

Dave and I had been talking with our friend Jon Barnes, our very able technology consultant and cultural guru, about movements.  Yes, it seems that movements are happening around us all the time and we don’t even realize it.  Whether you are talking about the Arab spring or Kony 2012, these things are popping up everywhere.  How do they start?  Do they just suddenly appear?  Are there spiritual forces that cause them?  Is there a frustration tipping point where people have had enough of cultural inertia, or perhaps political, religious, and economic inertia, and a movement is inevitable?

We see things.  There are things happening in the world and specifically the missions world that both concern and delight us.  My guess is you are seeing some of the same things.  We are want to have a place where we can talk about these things… have discussions with one another on the virtual back patio or next to the virtual roaring fire in the fireplace or with an ale at the virtual British pub.  This discussion may happen on twitter or facebook or by replying to blogs here or even the occasional ooVoo meeting.  What will this discussion look like?  Sharing what we’ve seen and heard, ideas, prayers, even occasional arguments (hopefully very occasional).

We are calling the new website unmissions.net.  By adding the un prefix, we aren’t trying to undo missions.  We are just trying to get folks to think about it differently… how we mobiliize people, deploy people, engage unreached people, pray.  We want to think differently about missions and are convinced that there are a few people in our age group and a lot of people in their twenties and thirties that want to think differently about missions too.

We still have the gracextensions website and you will be able to go there for the links and other resources, but unmissions.net is going to be the place for the discussions and other interactions.  If the Lord is in it, who knows what it might become???